Discovering Who God Is

School has started back and it has been a little overwhelming I must admit. I left home, where I sat on my rear for almost two weeks watching Gilmore Girls re-runs and borrowing the internet from anywhere I could find, to come back to deadlines, quizzes, spending my own money and using all of my free time as study hours…one extreme to another. It’s not been easy. Not to mention that my computer acquired some kind of virus and now Best Buy will spend several days fixing it for me. Though unlike some, I have faith that they will do a great job and return my computer back to me like new.

On the other hand, this past week has been very enjoyable. It is nice to spend time with friends and here how their summers went. Although after attending Lifestream last night, I will be asking “What did you do this summer?” as opposed to “How was your summer?” It is a Todd thing. I think that will go up on our quote board we have started in the apartment. I’m living with three amazing girls and we’ve decided we need a quote board because very funny things are said when we are together. The one quote posted so far: “We should go knock on their door, ask them for their phone number, then come back and call them to invite them over” – me referring to our next door neighbors. You probably had to be there.

Todd not only taught us how to ask one other about our summers, but also brought up a very interesting thought that has been a reoccurring theme in my life this summer. Do we really know who God is? Or do we just know about God? We can spend all of our lives learning about something and gaining knowledge about that thing or even another person, and still not KNOW who they are. Let’s take Brad Pitt for example. He seems to be a favorite. I can tell you all kinds of information about him. I know what he does, facts about him, but I don’t know him. I’ve never met him before. I haven’t spent time with him. I don’t KNOW him. So do we really know God? Have we really spent time with him or do we just know a bunch of facts?

At the girls home this summer we talked about knowing in your head and knowing in your heart. It is basically the same concept. If you know in your head you have information about the subject, but if you know in your heart you truly have a strong understanding and belief in the subject. The problem seems to be transferring the knowledge from your head to your heart. It sounds simple, but for some reason it’s not. How do we take all of these things that we have always been taught about God and what we think of Him and how do we start really believing who He is? I have grown up in church my entire life. I was taught the bible stories and knew all the right answers to questions, but it really took me some time to believe in my heart that what I was hearing about God was really the truth. And my journey of discovering who God is is far from over. Each day is an opportunity to learn more about Him. I find in my life the more I seek Him, the more He is found. Of course, that’s what He promises!

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13

That is what I want this blog to be about – my journey of discovery. I believe God reveals Himself to us in so many ways, through His word, other people, movies, music. All we have to do is look for Him.


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