Twinkies with Friends

Each year I come back to college I think things can’t get any better than they are. This semester I have been so surprised at all that God as blessed me with here at OU. I love being an older student and knowing people. I am really beginning to feel at home here.

The relationships I am making are so inspiring to me. My roommates have been encouraging and fun to hang out with. They have introduced me to a variety of hilarious television shows and taught me how to play Mario on Wii. Instead of studying all the time like I have previous semesters, I spend most of my time hanging out with them, staying up extremely too late, and constantly laughing. This is the college experience I have been waiting for! It’s finally here!

It seems my priorities have shifted since I started college. I began wanting to make the best grades, focusing on my energy on my gpa. Throughout my two years in school I’ve discovered, like many have told me, that most learning happens outside of the classroom. Many things I have learned have come from the relationships I have had wit mentors, friends and classmates. Also when I started out, I was such a shy person. I didn’t think I needed to build relationships with my professors or my roommates. Looking back I wonder how much I have missed not seeking after those relationships.

I see myself breaking out of my shell to find out who I’m sitting next to in class or on the bus. Instead of relying so much on myself, I’m learning to share my life with other people and let them be a part. The relationships I have made are priceless. I look forward to making many more. In Phi Lamb we choose Littles this weekend. I cannot wait to become a mentor for a freshman girl who is just beginning her new life in college.

“It’s better to have Twinkies with friends than broccoli alone.” – Tim (from Journey Church)


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