Becoming a Disciple

My roommate, Kristin, is teaching a bible study this semester over the Upper Room Discourse found in John chapters 13 through 17. The study was written by her director at Pine Cove, the camp she works for during the summer. Her director challenged those he was teaching to not only learn from this study, but to take the notes and teach it to someone else. Kristin has taken up that challenge and is sharing it with us.

It is very neat to have girls come together to share their opinions about faith, God, and life in general. I love how each of us are so different and we all have very unique perspectives. Last night I was personally challenged by some of the girls. As we went through the introduction of the bible study two words were discussed: believe and life.

Believe as used in the book of John is an action verb. Believing in God is not something that you just know, but something you live out. Going back to the thought that someone can know God without really knowing who He really is. The life that John refers to is not about living here on earth for ourselves, but it’s about us living for something greater than ourselves and we are only capable of doing that because we have Christ living in and through us. He is our life.

Following Christ isn’t just something that we say, but it is something that we live out. It is something that we truly and deeply believe in and because of that belief the way we live our life is different.

Is there a difference in being a Christian and being a disciple of Jesus? It’s not enough just to call ourselves Christians and try to follow the rules. That makes us good people, but we miss the relationship with God and miss out on the life John is talking about. When we choose to be a disciple of Jesus it is out of love for Him and the desire to become who He is. We choose to imitate what He did and follow His guidance. We live in obedience to who He is.

John 14:31 says “the world must learn that I love the Father and that I do exactly what my Father has commanded me.”

I want the world to know that I love my Father and I do as He says not so I can be a good Christian, but because I am in love and I want to live the life He is offering.


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