CD Review: Passion God of This City

On February 2, 2008, Passion released a new worship project, God of This City. The CD features songs by many of Passion’s regular contributing artists including Chris Tomlin, Charlie Hall, and David Crowder Band. Newcomer Steve Fee joins the Passion group in God of This City sharing his upbeat rock anthem “We Shine.”

Other worship projects like those produced by WOW Christian Hits and iWorship are always wonderful, but often contain outdated worship songs. In God of This City, Passion compiles the newest songs from top worship artists featured at their yearly conferences.

In 1997 Passion began with the desire to see a spiritual awakening come to the college campuses around the nation and the world. The Passion movement, led by Louie Giglio, is headquartered in Alpharetta, GA. The Passion Team is committed to spreading the fame of Jesus Christ to millions of college students. One way Passion seeks to accomplish this goal is by producing the Passion Worship CDs.

After the 2006 release of Everything Glorious, it was hard to imagine Passion Worship CDs could get any better. God of This City quickly proved to be the best worship project by Passion to date. God of This City focuses on who God is for us now in this generation and our place in this world as followers of Christ, which is to shine His light. The lyrics from several songs carry this theme throughout the project.

God of This City includes a variety of songs ranging from Kristian Stanfill’s slow and steady “Beautiful Jesus” to the fast upbeat “Dancing Generation” by Matt Redman. Taking a break from the men of Passion, Christy Nockels’s voice beams as she pours her heart out in the song “Hosanna,” originally written by Brooke Fraser. The title track “God of This City” by Tomlin is an instant favorite lasting 5.06 minutes and leaving listeners craving for more. Tomlin’s lyrics encourage people to eagerly anticipate what God is going to do in their city, nation, and world.

God of This City includes songs that can be heard at most contemporary churches around the country.Many of the songs on the CD will be familiar to frequent listeners of Christian worship music, like the popular “Let God Arise” by Tomlin and “Shine” by Redman.Passion also includes several newer songs such as “Walk the World” by Charlie Hall, which spice up the CD for listeners who already know the more popular songs by heart.

Though the flow of the CD carries you perfectly from one song to the next, Tomlin’s “Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)” is a very weak ending to the powerful CD. A song such as “Glory of it All,” by Crowder, reminding us God does everything for a purpose and in Him we will never be the same, would have rounded off the CD much better.

God of This City includes a little something for everyone seeking to praise God. God of This City can be listened to over and over and not lose its glory. The CD is very moving with lyrics that inspire, motivate, and remind us who we are in Christ.


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