We all have dreams in life….
• If you’re a college student dreams of your future
• If you’re a parent dreams of being the best mom or dad you can be
• In your career you dream of being successful
• Coming on this mission trip we have had dreams of winning people over to Christ and making a difference in your community

1. In life God wants us to have big dreams for ourselves. He wants us to live the most abundant and full life we can live

In John 10:10 (Message) Christ says “A thief is only there to steal and kill and destroy. I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of.”

God is not a god who sits on his throne making laws for us to follow and watching to see if we mess up so he can zap us. God is a gracious and loving Father who wants us to experience the very best life on earth that we possibly can even better than all we ever dreamed of. He gives us rules and guidelines to protect us and lead us on the right path to experience his very best.

Joyce Meyer says “Making God first is the key to experience his BEST”

2. When we dream God wants us to know that with him all things are possible.

God knows everything – as I was driving in the city the other day in Oklahoma, I don’t know if you have seen the billboards that have the quote then say God at the bottom, but I saw one the other day I had never seen before It said “All I know is….everything.”

Why wouldn’t all things be possible with the creator of the universe, who does know everything?

Matthew 19:26 Jesus says “With man this is impossible but with God all things are possible.”

Anything we think or imagine is possible with God on our side. He can accomplish amazing things in and through our lives. Dream Big!!

Denny Holzenbour (is a karate fighter who spoke at our FCA ralley) he stated – “How big our God is determines how big our goals and dreams will be”

This is absolutely correct, when we learn what a powerful God we serve, we will come to realize that all things are possible with him. There will be no limits to our goals and dreams in our lives. And we will seek his best for ourselves.

3. Dreams come with risks, however, these risks are worth taking

We have to fight for what we want. Work for it.

We take risks everyday – like driving. If you look at the statistics of getting killed in a car accident you may never want to drive again. Apparently it doesn’t stop us.

In Dumb and Dumber Lloyd is a taxi cab driver who is driving to the airport – While driving Lloyd SWIVELS AROUND and STARES over his shoulder at her.

It’s really nothing to worry about,
Mary. Statistically, they say you’re
more likely to get killed on the way
to the airport. You know, like in a
head-on crash, or something.

My pastor came over the other night and mentioned a statistic of so many people getting raped and murdered on cruise lines because while on cruise you’re under no laws, so people can get away with this stuff.

I looked up the statistics and found an article in the New York Times dated Feb. 26, 2006:
In recent Congressional testimony following Mr. Smith’s disappearance, Mr. Crye cited the following statistics: the national rate of violent crimes is about 465.5 per 100,000 inhabitants, while the Federal Bureau of Investigation reports an average of only 50 crimes a year against U.S. citizens on cruises. According to the Bureau of Justice, 1 in every 1,000 people is raped or sexually assaulted on land each year; on cruise ships, there is only one alleged incident of sexual assault for every 100,000 passengers.

I’ve been on a cruise before and absolutely loved it. It is so beautiful to see God’s creation. And I love the ocean anyway………After hearing that statistic going on another cruise would be a risk for me. But I’m not going to let that stop me. In my book that is a risk worth taking. I get something so huge out of my vacation that the risk factor doesn’t keep me from that experience and what it has to offer my life.

In the same way, these dreams that fill ours hearts often come with risks, but we can’t let the risk stop us from fulfilling our dreams. We can’t look at it negatively that something might happen, but you look at it positively that it is worth all the risk to receive the reward.

I watched Chasing Liberty one weekend a quote says “Love is not always easy, but nothing worth getting ever is.”

I want you to catch that …nothing worth getting is every easy. It’s not easy but it is worth getting, in our case it is worth the risk.
So we’ve discovered that God wants us to dream big, to know all things are possible, and that some risks are worth taking.

We are not the first people to dream of doing great things. In the bible David had dreams of defeating the Philistines by killing Goliath. Esther had dreams of saving her people by risking her own life.

And God had the biggest dream of all. – to seek and to save what was lost – Luke 19:10

1. God had a big dream.

He knew the world had fallen to sin at the very beginning with Adam and Eve in the garden.

God knew that sin separates us from Him *Isaiah 59:2- Your sins have cut you off from God

He knew John 15:5 that apart from Him we could do nothing

Again He wanted us to live the very best life and for that to be possible He had to save us from our sins

2. God knew his dream was possible.
John 16:33 – God has overcome the world.

He is all powerful. Nothing is too big for him to accomplish.

3. God had to take the biggest risk in the world – Sacrificing his one and only son to give the world a chance to come back to Him.

Jesus was not just going to die, but be crucified and right in front of his father.

In Matthew 26:42 as Jesus is in the garden right before crucifixion he prays twice – My father, if it is not possible for this painful thing to be taken from me and if I must do it, I pray what you want will be done.”

Jesus knew he was about to be crucified. And as painful as it was, he kept going because it was his Father’s will (God’s dream) that through his death the world would be saved.

God’s dream was a risk because, yes God gave his son, but it was not a sure thing that the world would accept this salvation.

It is a gift God has given, but we must receive. Like any gift you get, you must first open it. The sad thing is many do not choose to open it.

I want to challenge you today, that if you have not received this gift to consider it. It is the best gift you will ever get. It not only gives you salvation, but gives you life here on earth. It makes all your dreams come true. Talk to someone, find someone and accept this gift.

If you have already accepted Christ, congratulations! You have made God’s dreams come true. And He will now help you make your dreams come true. Seek his best for your life. Dream the impossible and don’t be afraid to take risks for your God. And He will truly bless you!

**Devotion I wrote and shared for a church in Indiana on my 2006 Mission Trip.


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