Eating Disorders Awareness

This past week the Women’s Outreach Center sponsored an informational booth in the Oklahoma Memorial Student Union to educate students about the negative effects of eating disorders.

The Women’s Outreach Center shared helpful information with students including facts about eating disorders, tips for talking to a friend who has an eating disorder and how to get help if you have an eating disorder. A life-sized doll was displayed in the lobby showing students how outrageously ill proportioned and unattractive the toy doll Barbie would look as a real woman.

The booth was part of “Eating Disorder Awareness Week” at the University of Oklahoma, which took place February 22 through February 28.

“A lot of people know they have an eating disorder, but they just deny it,” Quyen Nguyen, Women’s Outreach Center volunteer said. “I want to help people realize they have a problem and help them fix it.”

For more information about eating disorders and how to receive help, students can visit the National Eating Disorders Association website at


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