A 5K run will be held at the Cleveland County YMCA on Sunday, March 29 to promote Global Journey. Profits from the run titled AK5K will sponsor the Albania/Kosovo Mission Team from Journey Church.

The mission team will use the money they raise when they go to Albania and Kosovo on May 18 for two and a half weeks to share the Gospel with the people there.

The 5K begins at 1pm in the east parking lot of the YMCA located at 1350 Lexington Avenue in Norman, Oklahoma. The race admission fee is twenty-five dollars a person, which covers a drink and a t-shirt.

“The AK5K is a fun run that we are putting on to raise money for our mission team, there are six of us, to go to Albania and Kosovo,” Courtney Davison said. “The fun run is a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle and raise money for a good cause.”

To sign up for the 5K, contact Davison at cdavison.stu@okcu.edu.



2 thoughts on “AK5K

  1. Sara! Ok, I know better. I wrote a comment but but an “h” behind your name. No way to get away with that online!Nice to the point writing. Clear and informational. Just remember the media! I am sure this was due to the timing of the post so close to the break. Have a good break and — when you get back — bring the media back to your work! julie

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