Interview with Angela Johnson

This past week I was able to sit down with Angela Johnson, Communications Director of Journey Church in Norman, Oklahoma. Angela has worked in the world of multimedia for many years and has held various positions which have led her to where she is now.

Angela’s passion for journalism began when she worked on her high school newspaper staff at a school in Texas. She continued pursuing her dreams of working on a magazine staff by attending the University of Texas in Austin where she graduated with a degree in journalism with a focus in graphic design in 1992.

Her college career gave her the experience she needed to get hired right out of college during times when it was “difficult for college graduates to get a job,” she said. She worked for a travel company as a receptionist designing their magazines. In less than a year she had worked her way up to a higher paying position.

She has also done layout for Kinko’s and worked in the production department for Saxon publishers. At Saxon she starting out as a typesitter, but received a promotion almost every year finally becoming the director of projects manager where she made more money that she had ever imagined she could with her degree.

After working several years in the world of journalism, Angela resigned as manager at Saxon publishing, where she worked for eight years, to say at home with her two children. When her children were of school age, nearly a year and a half ago, a friend recommended she consider the position at Journey.

At Journey she is in charge of getting information out to the congregation through email, newsletters, worship guides and announcement sheets. She does all print communication within the church and some electronic communication. Angela’s position is very diverse and allows her to do many jobs in multimedia from graphic design to photography to writing content – a job I would like to have one day. In addition to working at Journey, she does freelance work on magazines and advertisements.

I learned several things from spending time with Angela and believe she is an excellent role model for multimedia students. She worked her very best no matter where she was – both in low and high positions. Several times she was not afraid to start small, but worked her way up the ladder into the positions she really wanted. Throughout her career she has been a continual learner having to relearn some skill sets and acquire new ones. Now she has a successful career that she truly enjoys and has dreams of doing more in the future.

She gave me wonderful advice such as not letting the though economy scare me and being creative when pursuing a job. More of her helpful advice is included in the soundbite below.

Some of Angela’s work can be found at the Journey Church website by clicking on the JLife tab.


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