Four More Days in America

I am leaving for the Philippines, half way around the world, in four days! My flight leaves next Tuesday, June 2 and I will arrive in Manila for orientation on June 4. I have several connection flights and get to spend a little time in L.A. and Hong Kong, or in their airports anyway. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to take a few pictures.

My orientation with Nehemiah Teams will take place the first four days I am in the Philippines. During orientation I will learn more about my job as a communications/media missionary and have a chance to meet the other teams that I will be writing about. After orientation, I will hop on another plane and fly to the Philippine Island of Mindanao, south of Manila, where I will spend the rest of my summer working.

I will tell the story of the missionary teams serving on the island of Mindanao through writing, video and photography – all things that I am learning at OU in my professional writing/journalism classes. I hope to post most, if not all, of my work from the summer on this blog. I will also be sending content to other blogs and magazines as well and will let you know as soon as I find out how you can view those.

My internet time will be limited, but I am going to try my best to keep you updated. I will not have internet access at all until after orientation (June 8) and I will not have my cell phone. Please don’t let that stop you from sending emails, facebook messages and posting responses to my blog. I would love to hear what you are doing this summer and how God is working in your life.

Please begin praying for me as I prepare for my trip. Satan has already been working against me in several ways. Be praying:

– for the people of Mindanao that God would move in their hearts and draw them to Him
– for us missionaries that we will be the light of Christ and share his love with everyone we come in contact with
– for safe travel to the island and while I am there
– for my health now (I think I have a sinus infection) and my health throughout the summer
– that God will teach me more about Himself and work in my life in new and extraordinary ways
– for technology to work how it is supposed to (I’ve had a very hard time with my computer recently and I’m praying it holds up for me all summer so I can do my job)


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