Sunday Ministry

Our team led Sunday School for the morning church service. Kate and I both shared our testimonies then asked the group if they would like to share. I was in awe of how many of their stories resembled mine. One girl had a really hard time her first year of college. She said she felt like she strayed from God but he brought her back. I used David as an example in my testimony and she used Peter, having denied Christ three times, but still being used by him in an amazing way. Praise God for his mercy and grace. He redeems us from all of our sins. Nothing we do can separate us from his love. We are so undeserving.

After church we returned back to the village to play with the kids some more. They had an official basketball game with a score keeper and referees. I again had the kids. This time I got to share a bible story with them. I used David once again and told them the story of David and Goliath. I explained how God can use us even when we are little and he is always with us to protect us. We have nothing to be afraid of with God by our side. I often need to be reminded of these simple lessons. Very rarely do I live my life knowing I don’t have to worry or fear. It was pouring that afternoon and we all decided to play in the rain. We were soaked head to toe playing volleyball and dancing in the rain. One girl did a sun dance to make the rain stop and we all laughed as it came pouring down even harder.

At one point we were chasing one another and someone fell in the mud. Dirt flew up and hit me in the eye and at the exact same time I slid into a rock and scraped my foot. I couldn’t see anything at all. I felt my eye completely filled with dirt. People came over pouring water into my eye and I had to stick my head in a bucket to open my eyes and try to get the mud out. It was miserable. They had me sit down and doctored the cut of my foot with iodine that turned my foot yellow. I hadn’t used that stuff in a very long time. Dirt kept coming out of my eye and I still couldn’t see anything. It’s better now. My vision in that eye is blurry but I have hope that it will be alright. I have allergy drops I’m using and it seems to be fighting any infection I may have.

On the way back to the farm we stopped at the river for a swim. Even with a sore eye I couldn’t resist swimming in the cool waters. It was so pretty and very refreshing. We were able to climb up a rock and jump off into a deep part of the river and we fought the current doggy paddling.

Sunday night I was able to share more of my story and what God has taught me with the student group. I told them about my call into ministry and my desire to share God’s word through writing. I also encouraged them to be a missionary no matter where they are and what career they choose. So many times I think we limit ministry and missions to just people in vocational ministry. We are reading a book hear that deals with this issue. It explains that all are called to go and to minister. All are called to love others and share the Good News. This is part of being a Christian, not just part of a call to ministry. When we accept Christ we accept a responsibility to missions. It should not seem like a responsibility, but if we truly have the Lord in our life and are walking closely with him we will want to share with others and we will want to go. If we are living a life with him we will delight in telling others about that and seeing them experience the very same thing. With such an amazing God how could we not desire to share?


One thought on “Sunday Ministry

  1. It is so awesome to hear about your experiences over there! And I agree 100% about being full-time missionaries. I think we tend to assume mission work only takes place away from home, but it is our CALLING to minister to and love on everyone around us every day!

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