Hiking Adventure

The team enjoyed a beautiful hike through the mountains on the way to evangelize to families in the local village. Getting to the village was a fun and exciting challenge for them. The boys – Bubba, Justin and Clayton along with media missionary Christine and Kate, had to hike 2 kilometers through the trails and trees. The stairway to heaven and a swinging bridge separated them from the village.

The stairway to heaven is a 144 step stairway that leads straight down one side of the mountain. It is an experience that leaves you breathless, literally. Just after the stairs, they crossed a gorgeous clear river by walking over a metal bridge that swayed as they walked.

When stopping to take a break, members of the team took turns climbing a coconut tree. One boy from the church youth group picked a coconut and for a snack they were able to enjoy fresh coconut milk.

On the way back from ministry, the team stopped at the river to swim. The cool waters were very refreshing and relaxing for the team who had spent the afternoon playing hours of basketball and other games. They fought the current swimming up the river then jumped off the bank into a deeper section of water. It was an adventure they will always remember.


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