Illness Taking Over

I finally made it to my third team at Uncle Dick’s Home orphanage after lots of traveling by bus and jeepney. Sadly when I arrived I discovered that many of the children were sick, as well as one of my team members. Kids have been in and out of the hospital all week since I got here. Please be praying for their health and also that our team would stay healthy as we are working here.

Because of the illnesses it’s been slow around here. The staff has wanted to keep us safe so we haven’t worked with the children as much as we would have liked, at least not all of them. The ones that we have been able to spend time with are amazing. We walk the children to school in the morning and return to pick them up when the finish. The bright smiles on their faces when we come to get them are priceless. They run up to us with open arms showering us with hugs and kisses. Also they show us off to their friends which is fun. I feel like I’m a mom to them, one they enjoy so much that want to tell all their friends about me. I hope that’s what my future children think of me one day. Their friends are precious too. They call us by name and come up and hug us as well.

Three afternoons a week the kids have a prayer meeting. The older youth are in charge of leading the other children in songs and prayer. The kids have a time when they share blessings and things they are thankful for. It’s neat to hear what the children have to say. They have so little, living in an orphanage yet they never complain and praise the Lord for so many good things He has done for them. There is much you can learn from their lives.

They have a desire and a hunger to know more about God and the bible. They want to follow him. I love talking to the older girls and hearing their stories. Many of them want to be missionaries, which is amazing! One girl talked to me about how hard it is for her to share her faith with her friends at school. They seem to have some of the very same spiritual struggles that we do, even though we come from two totally different places.


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