Weekend Evangelism

Saturday and Sunday the MBRLC Ag team partnered with the local Baptist church doing sports evangelism and outreach ministry. Saturday morning Bubba, Clayton and Justin went door to door in a nearby village sharing their testimonies and the plan of salvation with families. Both Saturday and Sunday afternoons the team played games and sports with children and youth from the community.

“I’ve seen God move in ways that I have never seen him work before,” Clayton said. “Not just in my life but in our entire team. God provided us with a good church to work with. The youth group there has shown me what it means to understand God’s word and learn scripture.”

The church is led by Pastor Dino. The team had the opportunity to work with the young people, including high school and college aged students. Both the pastor and the students are very passionate about the Lord. “The kids here are so willing to share. They voluntarily go and witness to the villages. It was challenging to me to see,” Justin said.

Clayton shared a message with the children Saturday afternoon. He gave an opportunity for the kids to accept Jesus as their Savior. The team was able to lead one younger boy, Marcelo, to the Lord. At eight years old, he prayed to ask Jesus into his heart.

“The best thing about the weekend was making the kids happy and playing with them,” Clayton said. “It’s great to put a smile on their face, but even greater to have the ability to share Jesus with them and let them know who He is.”

When the weekend ended, the team felt physically tired but spiritually full. “We were able to do what we came to do,” Justin said. “We came to tell others about Christ and how he changed our life, then what he can do for them.”

The boys are looking forward to spending many more weekends in the villages reaching out to these children and families. “This weekend definitely opened a door in the community,” Bubba said.

Clayton sharing with the children and youth.

Bubba playing basketball with the youth from the community.

Justin and the evangelism team from the church.

Marcelo after he accepted Christ.

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