I’m So Thankful God Holds My Future

I have been thinking and praying recently about my future and what God has planned for me next year. I will graduate and May and will be out in the “real world.” It’s so exciting to think of all the possibilities and the different ways I could serve God. I definitely want to be in a ministry position using my talents to serve others and glorify Him. I’m not sure if that will be in America or overseas.

I heard about the Journeyman program last summer and it has been on my prayer list for a year now. The Journeyman program sends college graduates overseas for two years working as a missionary. There are positions available for media/communications missionaries, much like what I am doing now. It is still in my prayers constantly. I’m missing America a lot more than I ever expected to, but I’m falling in love with the people and the job I have here.

I’ve been challenged a lot since I’ve been here. I’ve doubted whether or not long term missions is something that I could actually do. It’s been difficult and I’m not sure if that is where God wants me for the rest of my life. I talked with one guy who said that the people here seem to be a lot more evangelized that he expected, which is true. At both orphanages and the farm, studying the bible and having a passion to know God more is everywhere. It’s so inspiring and I love learning from it. It’s showing me more like how I want my future family to be and how I want to raise my children submerged in the Lord’s love and leading.

On the other hand, because faith is such a huge part of their lifestyle here I often ask myself why I am here. It’s like they don’t really need me as much as I need them. I feel like I can’t really teach them anything they don’t already know. They know the bible so well. They have much of it memorized and they are very eager to share their faith, which challenges me to know more of God’s word and to be more open to share. These are definitely things I want to bring back with me. I am beginning to have a huge heart for my home country and a desire to share this way of life with the people in America. I’ve talked many times about moving people from being a mediocre Christian to be a mature passionate follower of Christ. These people and students here get it and it’s inspiring. In a way, I’m starting to see a greater need for God at home. When I first came I believed it was the opposite, but it’s almost as if we need him more in America than some people need him in the Philippines.

Yet at the same time, the teams have been able to speak to students who hear the gospel and are so hungry for the truth. They act like it is the first time they have ever heard it. They want us to share with them how to accept Jesus and want us to model the way for them to live their lives in pursuit of God. That’s what we are getting to do for the children at the orphanages…being role models for them. Many of the older kids want to be missionaries, which is so cool! They have nothing, but want to give all they are to serve the Lord. They have discovered that He is what truly matters in life. Other things are not important.

I still have no idea where God wants me, but I am so thankful He is revealing Himself to me each day. I know that in His timing He will show me where to go. Please keep me in your prayers as I seek His will for my life. I also want to challenge you to seek God in your own life and seek what He wants from you. There is nothing like walking in His will and serving Him with your life. I pray that each and every one of you are able to do that! Thank you so much for your support and prayers. I need it!


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