No Man (Woman) is an Island

I am back at Love the Children orphanage for the second week here. It’s good to be back and see the familiar faces. This week I will have the opportunity to teach art and PE class in the local schools. It’s also a way for us to share the gospel with the children outside the orphanage. This weekend they also tell me we will do a community outreach project.

Last week at Uncle’ Dicks was lots of fun. I thank you for all of your prayers for the health of our team and the children. Everyone is back in school and doing very well. The past few days I spent getting to know the older girls better. They are full of life and a desire to learn about all kinds of things. I’ve enjoyed helping them with English, talking to them about God and drawing with them. One girl had me draw a picture for her and she told me a love story about two immortal people that she learned in class. It was interesting. My drawing wasn’t very good, but they thought I was an artist. Maybe one day.

I have also gotten to explain to them what the phrase “no man is an island” means. Or at least what it means to me. The older girls brought home a list of quotes one day and asked if I could tell them what they mean. I explained to them that ‘no man is an island’ means we cannot survive alone, that we all need each other and no person can live life by herself. I told them about Adam when God first created him. God said it was not good for man to be alone so He made Eve as a companion and helper. It makes me feel important as a woman to know I am created with a purpose to help and I hope they feel the same way.

They are all trying to find me a boyfriend from the Philippines so I can get married here and they can come to my wedding. The son of the person who owns the orphanages is apparently a perfect fit for me. Though I have never met him they think we are very ‘compatible,’ which is a new word that I taught them. Susan wants to marry my brother so she can become my sister and we can be family.

I was able to leave two inspirational romance novels with them when I left. I had brought them with me and finished reading them. I hope it’s something that the girls can enjoy. Also that it can help improve thier reading skills and help them to see relationships from a godly perspective. I’m sure like us in America they have a distorted view of what ‘love’ is and what it means to have a boyfriend. I know the books have encouraged me in my walk with God and learning to trust in Him to bring me the person He wants me to marry. I told the girls to read them before I go back in July and we can talk about it.


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