Live Like the Wise Man

The Nehemiah Team at Uncle Dick’s Home is sharing God’s love with the children through bible study. Three times a week the children at the orphanage gather with Lizzy, Nathan, Autumn and Kristin for a student led prayer meeting style devotion. When the kids arrive home from school they look forward to praising the Lord for all He has done.

Their afternoon devotional opens with prayer and continues with the children sharing blessings and thanksgivings God has provided that day. The kids sing songs and raise their hands to worship their King. Prayer requests are spoken and lifted up to God.

Team members are taking turns sharing a bible lesson at each meeting. Lizzy spoke on Friday about obeying God’s commands. She encouraged the children to live like the wise man by sharing the story found in Matthew 7:24-27. The children learned that a wise man “hears these words of mine (Jesus) and puts them into practice.”

When asking the girls from the orphanage about devotional, 11-year-old Yumi share her thoughts with me. “It is special for me. My favorite part is studying the bible. We learn about the disciples of God.”

Team members are inspired by the love these young kids have for those in need who are covered in prayer. It challenges and encourages the heart to see them stand in the presence of God with such desire to know Him more.


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