Modeling the Way

Serving at Uncle Dick’s Home started out a little slow, but by the second week at the orphanage the team had gotten down the routine. Lizzy, Nathan, Autumn and Kristin love getting to spent time with the kids and love getting to know them better.

In the mornings, the team gets up bright and early to wake the kids up for school. When everyone has eaten breakfast and is ready to go, the college students walk the children to class. The kids are picked up for lunch, enjoy a meal with the team and then are taken back for afternoon lessons.

The Nehemiah Team assists with chores, including helping prepare meals, cleaning up the kitchen after meals and washing laundry. Dinner is followed by homework and study time. The team is able to help the children and youth study different subjects they learn in school.

During free time after school and in the evenings, Lizzy, Nathan, Autumn and Kristin play games with the younger kids and enjoy talking with the older ones. Team members have an excellent opportunity to teach and disciple the students who are happy to learn new things. It’s great for these kids of all ages to have role models to look up to as they seek to live a life glorifying God.


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