Speaking the Truth at School

This past Tuesday Lizzy and Nathan from the Uncle Dick’s Home orphanage team shared the gospel of Jesus Christ at the local high school. The two college students were able to teach values to the kids along with sharing their testimonies. They had an hour with each class and were able to speak with over 400 students.

The value for the day was friendship. The team taught about what a friend looks like, how to treat your enemies and knowing that Jesus is your friend using the verse from John 15:13. It says, “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.”

Lizzy and Nathan took turns sharing personal stories then used the gospel hand to share the message of salvation. At the end of class, the two offered a question and answer time. Students wrote out several questions and they were eager to discover answers. Lizzy and Nathan also gave a mini invitation for students to come forward to speak to Lizzy one-on-one.

“These kids really didn’t know the answers to what we think of as simple questions,” Lizzy said. “It was as if they were hearing the gospel for the first time. Some kids came to me in tears asking if this (Jesus’ forgiveness) was really true.” Some of the questions included, ‘Can God forgive all sins?’ and ‘How can I accept Jesus into my life?’

Several students came to the front to talk with Lizzy while Nathan continued to answer more questions. Lizzy was able to share advice with the students and more of her personal story with them. She led four students to accept Christ that day, one boy and three girls.

“These kids are desperate to know more,” Nathan said. “They are hungry for the truth.” The team will have several more opportunities to return to the school. Each Tuesday they are scheduled to share more values and present the gospel with the high school kids. The team is also hoping to witness to faculty as well. Next Tuesday Autumn and Kristin will be joining them. Please pray for these students and teachers that God will continue to stir their hearts with passion for Him and that they would be willing to accept His gift of salvation.


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