Hanging Out in Paradise

This past week was a wonderful time spent in paradise. Two of my teams along with our supervisors from the IMB went on a three day vacation marking the halfway point of our work here in the Philippines. We were taken to a beach resort on a small island in the South China Sea. It was beautiful – crystal clear waters and white sand! Everything was delightful including the food, scenery, activities, deep conversations and laughs.

Vacation was just what I needed. Definitely an answered prayer. I’d noticed that smaller things were starting to get to me here and we’d all become a little distracted. Getting away and being able to share stories was wonderful. Hearing all God has been able to accomplish through us made all the difficult times so worth it. It reminded me why we are truly here, kind of a way to get refocused and excited about going out tomorrow and starting again.

I’m so blessed to be here with these teams. I had no idea when I applied for this position which location I would receive or what teams I would be reporting for, but God knew and I’m amazed each day at how well we work together. Our personalities click and we are always encouraging and supporting one another even though we are so very different. I couldn’t ask for anything better.

This next week I’m headed back to the farm with the boys again. My goal is to milk a goat. We will be doing more evangelism with the local villages and teaching the youth at church. Also, I’ll get to sweat and dig in the dirt. Kate will be coming out with me so I’m not the only girl. Pray for our time and safety as we work hard for the Lord!


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