Free Day

A few days ago we had a free day at Love the Children. A younger couple, Elaine and Booboy, who works at the orphanage, took our team out for a fun day of eating, shopping and sight seeing. They were so much fun to be around, so encouraging and full of life.
We went to the mall to see a movie before lunch. Malls in the bigger city are very westernized. It reminds me of a mall at home and makes me feel like we are back in America. Kyle made us sit through two dreadful hours of Transformers 2. He wanted to see a guy movie and since he is surrounded by girls all the time we let him choose. It was a terrible movie. We all agreed it was one of the worst we had seen in a long time. I don’t recommend it and Kyle asked for our forgiveness.
It’s harder to find authentic Filipino souvenirs because they like to imitate America. They wear a lot of the same clothing we do and listen to the same types of music. It’s interesting that they want to be more like us and my entire team agreed that we are trying to be more like them. We were able to find a neat little shopping center that had very nice gifts. All afternoon we bargained shopped for the special people in our lives. The shops have lots of fun and unique items for very reasonable prices. I think I’m coming home with way more than I need.
During the evening we went out to dinner at a Filipino Barbeque restaurant that had live music. The meal was incredible. We had barbeque chicken butt…no joke! Filipinos don’t waste anything, much like my dad would say about the Native Americans. (Side note: I’m telling everyone that I’m Native American here and they keep making fun of me for sticking up for my Indian family. They say I’m more white than Indian, but I claim the Indian. The other day Clayton jokingly asked me how the trail of tears was and I told him I cried all the way.) The guitarist at the restaurant knew a lot of 80s songs. He played and we clapped for him so he dedicated a song to us – Puff the Magic Dragon – we weren’t sure what he was trying to say about us, but it made for a good laugh. For desert we had Halo Halo which is an icee/shake type drink with fruit, beans and other types of treats mixed together.
We went on a walk in a new park that is being build with water front homes for sale. It was beautiful. They have a baby shark tank where sharks were swimming around. It’s open on top and would have been very easy to push someone in. A huge statue of naked David is also in the park. It was here that Kyle and Hannah volunteered to eat belut, which is a Filipino delicacy. Belut is a boiled duck egg with the duck embryo inside – beak, feathers, bones and all. It was once featured on an episode of Fear Factor and Elaine referred to it as duck abortion. I decided to pass it up and haven’t regretted the decision yet. But people here absolutely love it!

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