Geography, Anatomy and Aviation

Kyle, Hannah and Sydney have been teaching at school with the kids from the Love the Children orphanage. Each week the team teaches educational lessons to the kids through listening activities, songs and games. They have one to two hours every day to help the children learn useful facts, as well as practical skills.

“Our team is trying to provide the kids with information they would not otherwise received,” team leader Kyle said. “They are very good tactile learners and follow instructions well. We use lots of hands on learning, such as coloring and moving around, and focus on things everyone should know, no matter where they are from.”

So far the kids learned parts of the body. They were taught about their internal organs and what roles they play in life. The brain was one of the favorite body parts they studied. After the lesson, students knew what each part of the brain controlled. Later, Kyle led them in a game where they had to match up body parts with one another to better help them remember where each body part was located.

Students have also had a few geography lessons. The team helped them learn where they live in relation to the Philippines and to the rest of the world. A small globe was bought for the classroom so the kids would always remember where they were and where the Nehemiah Team from the United States lives.

This week the class learned about aviation. Kyle introduced them to his friends Orville and Wilbur Wright from the United States who invented the airplane. Each student created their own paper airplane with construction paper, crayons and lots of colorful stickers. The finished products were very creative. Smiles were on everyone’s faces as they went outside after class to fly their planes through the air.


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