News Report!

I’m going to back track a little and fill you in on what’s been happening the past few weeks. I’ve updated with pictures and articles I’ve written, but I haven’t told a lot of the stories of the adventures we’ve encountered. First I want to say I’m very excited to hear great news from back home! I have been praying for the church, the youth group at Falls Creek and my family.
Kyle Cantrell was the worship leader for the week of Falls Creek the VBC youth attended. He leads worship at the church I attend in Norman, Journey Church. It was neat that of all the weeks of Falls Creek that are offered our youth went the same week he was playing. I also hear that he will be coming to our church along with Todd Thiessen, former speaking pastor at Journey Church, to do a revival. That is something you will not want to miss! They are both incredible. I will definitely be there.
I had also been praying for my brother while he was at camp. I wanted God to reveal Himself to Luke more fully. I couldn’t stop praising God when I was told that Luke had accepted Christ and was baptized the following Sunday! I was sad to have missed being there with my family during such an amazing experience, but they have been in my thoughts and prayers all summer and will continue to be. It was further proof for me that even though I am not there to help my family with anything, I can pray for them while I am here and God is faithful and will answer those prayers. God tells us in His word the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. I’ve seen that become true many times over this summer. I hope you have too.
In other news, I have officially decided to change my name to Christine. I have wanted to for a very long time, but have never really stuck with it. I love the name Sara, but there are just too many of us. I think there are 4 others on Nehemiah Teams. I’ve been going by Christine all summer and I think I will be able to bring it back with me. Also, I’m learning to play the guitar, kind of. Several people here know how to play and I’ve asked them to teach me. I’ve learned that I have little fingers and it’s more difficult so I need a baby guitar, but that hasn’t stopped me from practicing. We’ll see how it goes. I know five chords already.

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