Rain Rain Go Away!

In the United States, especially in the South, children often have snow days – days when school is cancelled because of vast amounts of snow. In the Philippines, children have rain days, as the Love the Children team experienced Tuesday. School was canceled on account of all the rain which flooded the location where school is held.

The night before the loud rain and thunder kept some of the kids from sleeping. Some thought it was just another rain storm. The teachers at the school knew it was much more than that.

1a.m. Tuesday morning – the teachers were brought to the orphanage to stay in the guest house because their rooms at the school were filling with water.
5a.m. – rumors were that the school had flooded and the kids would not be having class.
6a.m. – news was confirmed, no school for the children that day.
9a.m. – all of the children and the Nehemiah Team loaded up on the bus setting out for their mission: to clean up the school.

When arriving at the school everyone saw the news was definitely true, the school had been flooded. Water filled each room of the school building standing several inches on the concrete floor. The kids jumped right to work. They were very innovative using whatever they could find to scoop the water off the floor and fill up buckets. Some used toy cars to push the water across the floor, one boy filled up a boat and sailed it across the water to empty it and another used a plastic microwave to hold water.

When full, the buckets were carried outside and dumped, then returned to the classrooms to be filled again. After a few hours of this cleaning method the floors no longer held water. Students sorted through a storage room that held books, clothing and toys. Some were damaged but the majority was saved. The kids were excellent working together as a team to accomplish their goal and no one was hurt during the process. Love the Children is hoping school will resume very soon.


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