Ask and You Will Recieve

Each week the MBRLC Ag team visits elementary schools to share testimonies and preach the gospel to students. Team members prepare action songs and bible stories to present to the younger kids. Kids seem very responsive to the messages they hear and love having visitors stop by their classrooms.

This past week Justin along with his translator, Jessan, was able to share with a fourth grade classroom full of students. “It’s the reason I am here, to share the gospel,” Justin said. “We are able to plant seeds by speaking at the schools.”

Clayton drew pictures on the classroom chalkboard while sharing with his class on Thursday. He told the story of Noah. “Each time we go into a school we trust the Holy Spirit to work in the kids’ lives,” Clayton said.

The Nehemiah Team diligently prays for God to work in the schools they visit. Bubba said they are living by the promise of God, “ask and you will receive.” Pray for the team to have boldness when sharing the message of God’s salvation with these young children and the teachers. Join them in asking the Lord to move in a mighty way in the lives of students as they go into the schools during the weeks they have left in the Philippines.


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