Buco Salad

Filipinos love to eat! And they also love to share. The MBRLC Ag team has had the opportunity to enjoy many sweet treats working with the local church youth group. One weekend hiking home from a distant village where the team share the gospel through door-to-door evangelism, the Baptist youth group prepared a delicious coconut snack with the team. It was mixed together right in the middle of the jungle and eaten out of the very coconut shells the boys climbed up the tree to pick.

Buco salad (coconut salad) is a sweet salad made with fresh coconut and a variety of other ingredients. This particular Saturday it was made with fresh coconut, coconut milk, one can of condensed milk and several packages of saltine crackers. The ingredients were poured into a large bucket and stirred together, then the salad was poured back into the coconut shells for each person to enjoy!


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