Island Adventure and Evangelism Night

(Two weekends ago) On Friday, Kate and I took the bus from the farm to the city to stay with our supervisor family. I was able to catch up on some blogging for the Nehemiah Teams and we enjoyed an amazing American home cooked meal. Later we went to the mall to do a little shopping and had a buco shake, which is a green coconut shake with chewy pearls in the bottom that tastes like coconut milk with hazelnut cream. It was delicious.

We woke up bright and early the next morning to meet the Love the Children team and two other Filipino missionary families (from the U.S.) for a boat trip around the coast. The weather was perfect for a beach trip. We snorkeled in two different locations and stopped for lunch on the beach where we also took an afternoon nap in the sand. It was a very neat day getting to spend time with full time missionaries and learn more about their job serving in another country. They shared many stories of the influence they have had on different people groups and the opportunities they have had to use their talents to share God’s love. One family was from Texas. The wife attended OU and we were able to have fun conversations about Oklahoma. It was very encouraging for them to share their lives with us. The stories I heard were invaluable.

Two specific things have made me definitely consider serving overseas and if not in another country using my life to serve others and disciple them. Nothing compares to the blessings of helping other people change into the person God created them to be.

Sunday the church had a big outreach event for local villages. In the afternoon we went door-to-door inviting children and families to come to the church that evening for the event. To our surprise TONS of children showed up. The church was packed full and more chairs had to be added to give everyone a seat. The event was very well organized and a great success for the church. Several different groups performed songs and dramas. My team formed a band this summer called “Guava Jam” and they played two songs that they had been taught by the youth group at church. The church also provided a meal for everyone. During the invitation several people went to the front asking for prayer. You could sense the presence of God in that place. I have no idea what decisions were made or what specific prayer requests people had (because it was all in their language), but it was a blessing to see people’s hearts being changed by a loving God.


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