Jewelry by Marydee

Marydee is a beautiful young woman with lots of talent. What is even more special about her is that she uses her talent to support the Love the Children Foundation. At age 18, Marydee is incredibly gifted in the art of jewelry making. A glass case at LTC displays her bracelets, earrings, necklaces and much more, made of creamy white pearls and brightly colored stones.

For three years Marydee has enjoyed creating jewelry as a hobby. She said that no one person taught her the craft, but she learned over the years by practice and imitating what she would see at different stores in the mall. “I got ideas from looking at bracelets and other jewelry and would look at things and think to myself ‘I can do this,’” she said.

She was first associated with LTC when she attended their school, New Life, as a third year high school student. During the year, she said Mom Cindy from LTC gave her the opportunity to sell her jewelry to help support the children’s home. After school each day during her fourth year she would come to the home to make jewelry. She views using her talent as her way to help the kids. “I’ve learned to love them and see their needs here,” she said. Each product she sells includes pictures of children from the home and a mission statement that reads, “For every purchase of our product, you are helping restore lives and shape the children’s future.”

After Marydee graduated from high school, Love the Children hired her as an accountant and secretary. In her free time in the office, she still loves creating new things to help the operation of LTC. In the future, she would like to start her own business, but give everything to LTC. She also said she would like to teach the younger girls to make jewelry to give them a talent to enjoy.


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