A Day of Fame

My team at Uncle Dick’s Home was called to present at a school about an hour from the orphanage. This school was located in the Muslim regions of Mindanao which is considered very dangerous to white people because they associate us with Christianity. We were escorted to the school by a pastor and his driver in a very nice vehicle. The area was very green and mountainous. When we arrived at the school we were treated like movie stars. The staff was incredibly hospitable and the students were in awe of us all day long.

I think we are some of the first white people most of them had ever seen, at least the first white women. Parents of the students came to the school to see us and hear what we had to say. Our presentation included action songs, two skits, a bible story, a testimony and the presentation of the gospel. Action songs are a huge thing in the Philippines. People everywhere love to sing all the time. Almost everywhere we go the people will ask us to sing something. I was able to share the bible story. I used the same story of Jesus feeding the 5,000 as I had used at the other school we spoke at when I stayed at the farm.

Our team was fed amazing Filipino foods and snacks all day long. It was the most many of us had eaten in one day since coming to the Philippines. Because they have internet access at the school, they gave us time to email our families. Before we left we took pictures with the staff and each grade of students in elementary and in high school. The children also asked us to sign autographs for them. I was swarmed by several students of all ages with smiles holding paper and pens. It was an interesting experience. It felt good to be ‘famous’ for the day, but at the same time I did not feel worthy of signing my autograph. I did not want to be the one glorified at the event. I hope the students could see past our color of skin and hear the words of Truth we had to share.


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