School Testimonies from the Team

Uncle Dick’s Home orphanage team has been speaking at several schools and churches in the area. Lizzy, Autumn, Kristin and Nathan have been in front of classrooms of thirty students and auditoriums of 1,500 students sharing the gospel, their testimonies and True Love Waits.

This Tuesday was the final time the team visited the local high school where Uncle Dick’s children attend. The team has shared with classes for seven school hours each week going through life values based on the verse in 1 Timothy 4:12. They have discussed speech, conduct, love, faith and this week talked about purity, specifically sexual purity.

The team has seen such progress in the students’ lives and many decisions have been made since Lizzy and Nathan went to the first school back in June. Nathan said one boy had struggled with surrendering his life fully to Christ. The boy had things in his life that he was not ready to give up. “A few weeks later he came up to me and said, ‘I do not want to drink anymore and I do not want to smoke any more because Jesus is now in my heart,’” Nathan said. That same day when the team shared with the boy’s class, he went around telling them that accepting Jesus was something they should do.

Lizzy was able to lead one high school boy to the Lord after sharing with his class. Each week they returned to the school she would continue to ask him how he was doing. “One week he asked me if I believed in guardian angels,” Lizzy said. “I told him I did not think that every person had their own guardian angel, but that angels do exist. He then told me that he believed I was his angel sent by God to share the Good News with him and that he was very thankful for me.” Lizzy was so blessed to have shared with this young man and humbled by his kind and encouraging words.

The team has been able to disciple these new believers who they have led to Christ this summer. The questions the students have asked and convictions they have shared since becoming believers have been amazing. When leaving the school on the last day, students covered the girls and Nathan with “remembrances” – bracelets, necklaces and rings they could wear to always remember the students they spent their summer with. The school also presented the team with a gift. Each team member received a key chain and card that reads, “You are valued not for what you have, not even for what you are, but for what others have become because of you.” This phrase has been one of the goals of the team from the very beginning. They have gone into the schools praying that because of what they do, the students’ lives will be forever changed by God


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