Wisdom from my Hair Dresser

I went to get my hair cut a few days ago and truly enjoyed the experience. My hairdresser told me a story of one of his friends at church. He said it was a normal Sunday morning and the local church was full. The worship leader was standing up at the pulpit ready to begin the service. Suddenly the doors at the back of the church flew open and a man dressed in black carrying a gun enters the room screaming. “I’m going to kill all of the Christians in here,” the man yelled, “everyone else get out now!” Several people jumped out of their seats, mothers grabbed their children and couples fled out the door together. After the frantic show had ended the man in black walked to the front of the church. He looked across the room at each person that had stayed in their seat. He placed his gun down beside him and said, “Alright, let’s start the service.”


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