Now, today is a beautiful day!

What delightful words to hear, “now, today is a beautiful day!” It’s one of the best compliments I’ve received in a very long time. Did you know you have the power to make someone’s day beautiful? Or rather by allowing God to work through you, you can transform someone’s ordinary day into a fantastic day. It really doesn’t take much. Just an open heart to hear God’s calling and a willingness to take time to serve others. I want to share my story in hopes that you will be encouraged to take small steps to reach out to those around you.

I’ve recently formed a friendship with a new student at my university. She’s a very sweet girl, far from home. My desire has been to be a good, encouraging friend who can listen and support her throughout her semester, and to show her, like many girl need to be shown, that she is LOVED. She is loved not only by me, but by God, her creator. I pray for her often and have looked for ways that I can let her know I care.
This morning I was getting ready for class, when I sensed God telling me to take her some cookies I had baked the day before. Of course I tried to make excuses. First off I was running late and didn’t have time. Secondly, I had no idea where she would be today. During the argument I found it interesting that not only did God direct me to give her cookies, but I was given very specific instructions. I knew that I needed to put them in a bag, write her a note and leave them hanging on her door on my way to class for her to find when she came home.
Surprisingly when I had gotten all my stuff together, I looked at the clock and had an extra five minutes. I grabbed a bag from our cabinet, filled it with cookies and wrote a simple note stating “you are LOVED, and I wanted to share a few cookies with you.” On the way downstairs, my flesh was still fighting it. Satan was feeding me lies like “you don’t have time for this.” I ignored the whispers and got in my car. Driving down the road I could sense it again, “what if people catch you hanging something on her door and think you are crazy?” I honestly worked myself up into a panic fearing someone was going to “catch me.” I didn’t let that stop me though. I walked up to the door, hung the bag on her door knob and went to class.
I thought nothing else of it until I came home and found a heart warming Facebook message saying “Thank you so much for the cookies…Now, today is a beautiful day.” Her comment made my day beautiful! I couldn’t be more thankful that I followed God’s calling and took time to share with her. Knowing that it made her day means everything to me. Sadly it wasn’t as easy as it should have been for me to take time to share with her. My sinful nature seems to fight everything good that my heart truly desires. Today has shown me that with Christ I can overcome the lazy selfish ambition within myself and serve others. It truly is worth everything!

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