Miracles DO Happen (Learning How to Pray #4)

My sorority Sigma Phi Lambda hosted a prayer meeting yesterday evening. It was a beautiful day to gather on campus and lift up our friends and family in need of God’s hope, healing, guidance and love. All year I’ve been studying prayer and the power of God and this meeting was such a blessing for me.

Last night, a girl named Heather shared a story of her friend Derek. Derek had been diagnosed last fall with a deadly cancer that had taken over three different parts of his body. His doctors gave him a 1% chance of living until Christmas 2009. Derek kept going strong and made it through the holiday season. Heather and other friends from her high school began planning a 5K run to help support Derek and his family with the medical bills. The 5K is set to take place this May. At his last appointment, Derek’s doctors gave him at 30% chance of living until the race.

After hearing Derek’s story, with burdened hearts, we prayed for God’s healing over Derek’s body. Today Heather posted an update on our Chaplain’s wall:

Ok, so I’m just going to post this on your wall. Prayer works so super fast. =D The boy I asked you guys to pray for last night…he went to the doctor this morning. And NOTHING….there was nothing. NO cancer. it was gone from all three places in his body. so, i witnessed a miracle today. =)

I am still amazed at the faithfulness of our Lord. He has heard our cries and He has healed this young man. Derek’s story is a testament to me, and I hope to all of you, that God is currently working in the hearts and lives of those who are seeking hard after Him. He does listen. He does answer. And even today, He does perform miraculous signs and wonders for His glory. Praise Him!


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