Movie Review: Did You Hear About the Morgans?

My roommates and I had another famous movie night featuring three movies, lots of pizza and several friends. Emily told us we needed to see “Did You Hear About the Morgans?,” a recent romantic comedy starring Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker. It turned out to be a very cute movie with great life lessons about love and marriage.

Paul and Meryl Morgan (Grant and Parker) are a separated couple living in New York City. By accident they witness a murder and are forced to move to Ray, Wyoming together. The couple lives with Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler, two gun shootin’, animal killin’ country hicks who turn the Morgans’ world upside down. During their stay in Wyoming the Morgans face several challenges together, including living in the country, running from bears and trusting one another again.

The town of Ray, Wyoming reminded me so much of the town where I grew up – small population, farm animals, and no where to shop. It’s a town of close knit God fearing republicans who play bingo together and host an annual rodeo. Not only that, but the Wheelers’ home was so much like the home I grew up in that I couldn’t help but laugh. The walls are covered in wall mounted animals, no cable, no internet and no telephone service. (Though my parents do have those things now.) Definitely a culture shock for anyone who lives in the city such as the Morgans. I found myself relating to the experiences of the Wheelers and the Morgans, as someone who has lived in both the country and the city.

“Did You Hear About the Morgans?” is not the typical romantic comedy focused on sex and shallow relationships. It is a little cheesy at times, but the focus on keeping relationships together made up for the goofy moments. It’s not up to par with Blindside, but it does offer a night of clean fun entertainment, much like the Blindside did. It would be perfect for both couples and families. I am definitely recommending it to my parents and would like to add it to my movie collection.


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