Senior Goodbyes

Tonight was Senior Night at Phi Lamb chapter. The graduating seniors, including myself, were honored by friends sharing memories and how much they would miss us. My roommate Emily was selected to send me off with a letter she wrote. I wanted to share it with you, just to show you how special my roommates are and let you in on all the fun times we’ve had together this past year.


This time last year, I wasn’t sure how I felt about living with someone I hardly knew, but as soon as I found out about your love for Batman, I knew we would get along! While our experience of being roommates started off a little rocky – and by ‘rocky,’ I mean ‘over-run with cockroaches’ – it has been a joy getting to know you better this year. I was surprised by some things that I learned about you – for instance, how much you like rap music – and completely un-surprised by others, like how devoted you are to the cause of world missions.

I have also learned from you this year. Some of the important life lessons that you have passed on to me are that boys are stupid, the people on house hunters NEVER choose the right house, boys are REALLY stupid, that it is okay to be unsure of the future, and that God will always provide a way for us to go where He wants us.

I will miss our ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ marathons, our all day eating fests, and our late-night adventures playing sardines at the park; but we will see each other this summer, and whether you end up in Nepal or Dallas, we will keep in touch. You are such an amazing and beautiful woman of God, and I know He has incredible plans for you in the near future.

And so, from everyone at the apartment: We dearly love you and we will definitely miss having you as a roommate.




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