Glorieta Camp for Girls (and Boys)

I spent the summer in New Mexico at Glorieta Summer Camps doing what I love – photojournalism. My job was such a blessing – writing stories, taking pictures, playing with kids, sharing stories with amazing co-workers and telling campers about God’s love. Camp was a learning experience full of laughter and miracles. God used many people to touch my life; I only hope that I did the same for some of those campers. Here’s a preview (Quotes and Stories) from Camp Glorieta where God was at work in the hearts of many children.

During free time one afternoon I caught the middle of a conversation a few girls were having. One girl made me laugh as she said, “I don’t want to grow up because when you grow up you have to get married and kiss boys and that’s just gross.”

While taking pictures at the gun range, where boys were shooting riffles at targets, one of my favorite boys named Auben came up to me and said, “I don’t want to shoot that target. I want to shoot that bird up there in that tree” (as he pointed to a bird).

During camp fire (in the middle of nowhere) the girls and boys were all gathered around getting ready to hear a story. A boy named Ezekiel came up to me and said, “I need to go to the bathroom.” I replied pointing to the wooded area, “Go out there in the woods.” He proceeds to the first tree he can find in plain sight of the whole camp, drops his pants and pees in front of everyone.

I was asked to take two of our students to a Catholic Mass one Sunday morning. On the way one of the kids, George, told me he wasn’t sure if he could be both Catholic and Christian. With my limited knowledge I asked him questions and explained the Gospel of Jesus Christ to him the best I could. When we returned I asked our director if she would have a guy counselor talk more with George about it. (I didn’t feel it was my place to continue such an intimate conversation as a girl). No one had time to talk with him because we had to go to camp chapel. At chapel, our camp nurse, Jo Marshall (such an amazing woman of God) shared with the kids. She asked them to pray with her and accept Christ if they were ready to submit their lives to him. I was so filled with joy to see George raise his hand and pray to accept Christ into his life. George was only one of many that accepted Christ for the first time at camp. I may not see them again on this earth, but I know one day I will see them in heaven.


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