Wonder Women

While preparing for my own unfurnished apartment in Fort Worth, my mom and I (well mostly my mom) used our creative abilities to remodel several pieces of furniture to put in my apartment. She worked very hard to make old furniture we were given, found at garage sales and purchased at Goodwill look like new. For two weeks we were hard working women using power tools, paint and fabric. The results made my apartment beautiful. I don’t feel like a college student anymore, but instead a sophisticated single with a bachelorette pad that fits my style.

We didn’t get before pictures, but I do want to share the results of our hard work.

Bought table and stools at local Goodwill
Before: Table was yellow wood; Stools were dark wood with scratched light yellow legs
Our work: Sanded the table and stool tops; stained the table and stool tops; painted the stool legs to match the table legs

Was given this plaque by a friend from church
Before: The wood around the cross was painted maroon with a different Bible verse in white
Our work: Sanded and painted the wood purple; used a paint pen to write the verse in gold

Received two lamps like this from my mom’s Sunday School teacher
Before: Lamp stands were solid gold; lamp shades were maroon
Our work: Sanded and painted the lamp stands speckled tan; painted the lamp shades dark purple

Bought entertainment center at a local Goodwill
Before: Lighter wood; missing a door; only one shelf inside
Our work: Stained the wood a darker color; made a second door; put in a second shelf; put a piece of wood behind shelves

Mom found this at a garage sale
Our work: Stripped the green and white paint; painted dressed and knobs black; covered with varnish

I saw a cross like this at an art show once. While I was gone at camp my mother made this out of wire and beads.

This was given to me by the same woman as the plaque above
Before: The center photo was of flowers
Our work: Glued sand from Alabama to the back sheet of paper; set sand dollar from Alabama inside the frame

It’s very hard to find dark purple anything. We searched forever looking for a rug that had purple accents and found nothing. My mom purchased this purple carpet at a carpet store.

It was just as hard to find dark purple curtains
Before: Piece of purple fabric from Hobby Lobby
Our work: Mom hemmed and sewed together fabric to created this curtain for my dining room


One thought on “Wonder Women

  1. LOVE IT! I am coming down that way in October, I want to come see it in person! We are doing the same thing with the kids rooms, being end of summer/end of money we are taking what we have and making do…I like the challenge. Amazing what a little paint can do.

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