One Magnificent Obsession

Give me one pure and holy passion
Give me one magnificent obsession
Give me one glorious ambition for my life
To know and follow hard after You

Almost every Friday night, 50-60 students gather at the World Mission Center on the campus of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary to celebrate what the Lord is doing through missionaries all around the world. Each event is dedicated to learning about a specific country down to the very last detail – the food, worship and presentation. Students sing praise and worship, hear about the country from a missionary who has returned from that country and/or by Skyping with a current missionary in that country, and spend time in prayer for that nation.

This past Friday, the focus country was Sri Lanka, destination of the World Mission Center mission trip in December (which I will be going on). The night opened with refreshments and fellowship. All of us were crammed into two small rooms which brought us close together, but sharing stories and a passion for missions brought us even closer. As we chatted, we enjoyed milk tea, biscuits and bananas – all popular snacks in Sri Lanka.

After singing worship songs in both English and Sri Lankan, a previous Journeywoman named Charlotte shared about her experiences as an English teacher in South Asia. Not only did she have the opportunity to teach children of missionaries, she taught English to adult groups in the community, lead youth Bible studies in her apartment and built relationships with young women in a dance class.

Charlotte introduced us to Steven (a missionary currently serving in Sri Lanka) through Skype – don’t you love the powers of technology! Steven along with his wife and five children are serving with two other families as part of an International Mission Board team. They are preparing to host a pastor’s convention to train future Christian leaders to go out and spread the Gospel throughout Sri Lanka. In addition, the team is working to recruit 850 Sri Lankan believers to dedicate themselves to sharing the Gospel with at least five people every seven days! Think of all they could accomplish in one year. Steven asked us to pray for the pastors, the 850 believers and his teams as they continue to serve the Lord. Specifically he asked for prayer that the team would enjoy walking with the Lord.

Last weekend was just the beginning of many Fridays throughout the semester that will be dedicated to emphasizing missions. God is at work everywhere and there is much more to learn about what we can do here to support missions throughout the world.


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