Trunk or Treat

Driving around Fort Worth this week I have seen several signs and billboards inviting families and children to Trunk or Treat events. I had no clue what this meant. Fortunately, the church I am attending – Meadowridge Community Baptist Church – was also having a Trunk or Treat event. I quickly learned that at these Halloween parties, groups set up carnival booths and hand out candy from the trunks of their vehicles. Our church used the event as a community outreach program and had more than 40 new families visit and sign up for more information about the church.

The college/singles lifegroup that I am a part of decorated our trunk (or rather entire truck!) to support the Texas Rangers. The truck had red and blue streamers, balloons and window paint all favoring the team playing in the World Series. The children who visited our booth tried to throw wiffle balls through the small square window of the back glass and hit one of our bible study members in the face as he sat in the truck. We also passed out candy to everyone, including the children whose parents told us they couldn’t have anymore :).

I invited my international student friend, Po Mann from TCU, to come along with our group for the evening. It was fun getting to know her more and introducing her to friends from church. She said she has experience the American Halloween, but had never celebrated the holiday with a church before. She had no problem fitting right in and even started a football game with some of the younger kids.

In addition to the groups’ booths, the Fort Worth City Fire Department brought out a large fire truck for kids to see, the church had inflatables for the kids to jump in and the Fort Worth Police Department had a truck for finger printing and children’s I.D. cards. I asked if I could get my fingers printed, but they said I had to be a kid. This was the one time I would have enjoyed being mistaken for a teenager! But of course, it didn’t happen the time I could have used it for my benefit.

Overall it was a very fun night. Seeing the kids dressed up in adorable costumes was a huge highlight of the evening. I played football with the kids, which was a unique experience for me. And our ‘trunk’ one first place for best decorations. We will be celebrating tonight at lifegroup!


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