Going Back to Glorieta!

I have officially been offered my photojournalist position at Glorieta Camps once again for next summer 2011! I will spend two months in the beautiful mountains of New Mexico serving campers and their families through media and communication ministry and also sharing the Gospel and the love of Christ with tons of children coming to camp. There are expected to be over 100 kids ages 6-18 coming to the three weeks of Boys Camp and Girls Camp offered at the Lifeway Convention Center. Following the boys and girls camps, I will be staying for the two weeks of Family Camp. In addition to my media job, which will including taking photos, writing stories and keeping the web site updated, I will also have the opportunity to lead Bible studies and build relationships with returning campers and first-time campers. Another huge blessing for me last year was working with and learning from the incredible staff members and forming lasting friendships with them.

I am already looking forward to returning to camp. It has been difficult being away from the media work that I love while at Seminary. When I’m writing and creating, I truly feel that I’m doing what God created me to do and using the talents He has given me for His glory. I’ve already started brainstorming new ideas and creative ways to do my job. In addition, I have begun praying and seeking scriptures that I can share during cabin and worship time devotions. Because I know what to expect, I feel I can be better prepared for this summer and that is something I can start doing now.

Though this is not an overseas experience, I definitely feel that it is a missionary position. I am putting myself in a new culture, climate, and working with a younger generation. And the main purpose of the position is to win souls for Christ and encourage those who are already believers. I ask that you begin to join me in prayer for this upcoming summer.

Please pray for unity among camp staff members. Camp works so well when those of us leading get along. Pray for our supervisors as they are already planning camp activities and recruiting campers. Pray for the children who are going to attend camp – for those who know the Lord to grow deeper in their faith and for those who do not that camp would be the place they met Him for the first time. Also pray for our sanity, health and perseverance at camp. Being on staff is a 24/7 job. The first week is great, but it seems to go downhill from there and our attitude affects the campers attitude and can affect the Lord’s work. Lastly, pray for the spiritual walks of all of the counselors who are preparing for camp. With the 24/7 schedule, not much time is left for personal time with God. Pray that we will be filling ourselves now to be ready to overflow to the kids, to have patience with each other and to remain strong throughout the long weeks.

I appreciate so much your prayers and support. I look forward to great things at Glorieta Camp this summer! I will post additional information on camp as I get.


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