How God Called Me, Part 5: This is What I Want to do!

Growing up I always wanted to be a Meteorologist. I had a fascination with thunderstorms, hurricanes and tornadoes. And I wanted to help people stay safe during storms. That was until I discovered I had a humongous fear of tornadoes. So, plans changed. I decided I would be a forensic scientist. I wanted to solve murders and bring people justice. That is how I would help people. I was very scientifically minded and just knew I would choose a career that would allow me to create, experiment, solve and serve others. I am now pursuing a career that will allow me to create, experiment, solve and serve, though it is not in the scientific field. Ironically, I chose writing. Some would say it’s at the opposite end of the spectrum. I feel that the two fit very nicely together and if I had a second life, I would go the scientific route. But for now, I know God changed my plans for a third time, in a way that I never expected.

Going to a smaller high school, I had taken classes in English and thought they were ok. But, I had never had experience with creative writing. It was a foreign field of study in my mind and I had no use for it. In tenth grade I wanted to join the newspaper staff at school, but I had my eye set on the graphic design/layout position. When I received my job assignment for the school year I was disappointed. I was assigned as a reporter, with the intention of moving up to layout. What seemed like a curse, ended up being a blessing. I fell in love with my position as a reporter. I discovered how fascinating writing can be. It’s a form of art that is torture for most, but for me it was a gift.

Apparently I was good at what I did, because the next year I was selected as Editor-in-Chief for the newspaper staff. Again, a position I really wanted nothing to do with. The ability to create, manage, organize and influence others, however, seemed to tie my skills together into one nice package. I enjoyed what I did for newspaper very much and began to change my mind about my future career, leaning towards journalism.

Around the same time in my life, my mom began getting Lifeway devotional magazines for me. The magazine, EC:Essential Connection, was written for teenagers and offered daily devotions plus fun articles each month. I read these magazines each day and out of nowhere, an idea hit me. I believe it was a revelation from God. One afternoon when I had been reading my EC magazine, I walked into the kitchen where my mother was working and I said to her, “Mom, this is what I want to do!” I’m sure she had no idea what I was taking about. I held up the magazine and told her I wanted to write articles like those I had been reading. I wanted to write pieces that pointed people to Christ and helped them grown in their relationship with God. This realization showed me how I could use my gift in writing to serve others. I had no idea how I would get there, but like I told my mom, this was what I wanted to do.


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