I’m reading through my evangelism book for class and I’m very convicted because I do not share my faith near enough. And many church members aren’t sharing their faith near enough. I remember back when I was younger and our church had visitation every Wednesday night so people were out sharing their faith with non believers and encouraging church members. It seems that as technology has advanced and times have changed that relational aspect has disappeared from the church…
But even when that was alive and thriving in our church congregation, you still had people who never went to share…people who never served…people who are what could be called “immature” Christians. This is a problem I’ve seen at every church I’ve been to and it breaks my heart. As a future minister I want to do all I can to help equip and inspire people to be serving the Lord at home and around the world. The question that’s been on my mind for I’d say a few years is how do you get nominal Christians to become “mature believers?” How do you get people passionate about their faith and willing to share what the Lord has done? It’s very sad that leaders in our churches have NEVER witnessed to anyone and mostly likely would not know how to witness to someone if they had the opportunity.
Here is a quote from one of my books that’s got me thinking more on this….
“Shouldn’t there be a time when people graduate from the class of learning into the world of service? Shouldn’t people who sit in various Sunday school classes for ten to forty years and never take the truths they have learned to be blessings to a blighted world be ashamed of their idleness? Maybe these people should be taken out of their cozy beds of inactivity and assigned twenty names of lost people who have somehow gotten on the roll but never come. Why not tell them they are through in the Esther Class, for it’s time they graduated and got busy reaching people for Christ. Surely only a very few adults should spend more than ten years just being a student in Sunday school. There ought to come a day when the student either becomes a teacher, an outreach leader, or a director.” – Real Evangelism by Dr. Smith
Just wanted to share…not to condemn but to encourage you in your ministry and to get you also thinking of ways that you can get people serving. It’s tough. It’s hard to make people truly love something especially when they seem to be so content with life as it is.

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