The Destruction of Mr. Nalgene and His Funeral

It has never been a good thing when others tell me I can’t do something…like that one time when my mom told me in kindergarten that my scissors would not cut a hole in my shirt. I tried, and they did. Or that time when my dad’s friend told me if I stuck an electric powered screw driver in my belly button and turned it on, my legs would fall off. I still have legs. Disappointment.

Today, I had a fellow counselor tell me that I could not break his Nalgene bottle. He was convinced of its indestructibly. I took that as a challenge. And this is what happened….

It’s hard to see because the picture is small, but four of us are inside a golf cart driving directly towards the lime green nalgene bottle laying in the dirt…

Thumbs up from Jarrett approving this mission…
Josie standing by his nalgene bottle that he tried to convince us we could not destroy…I think he might have been wrong…

It just broke into a few pieces…surely it will still hold water….right??

Well, unfortunately, it didn’t…so we buried it…

And brought it flowers…

Here lies one of the best nalgenes that ever lived…we made the best camp memories with Mr. Nalgene…he will be forever remembered…until some camper sits on his grave and destroys it…then we will forget about him forever

In the future, for your own sanity and safety, don’t tell me I can’t do something.


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