Meet Abishai

Earlier this week one of the boy campers found a caterpillar down in Westerntown. He was a tiny green little fellow, who liked to play dead. I decided to keep him as a pet and watch him grow into a beautiful butterfly. I put him in a little box with leaves and sticks to eat. He sat in the office all day long. In the afternoon I put him outside to get some sunshine and fresh air when we were gone for afternoon activity. I came back later that evening and to my surprise, little caterpillar was not where I left him. Going into panic mode, I frantically searched the premises looking for any clues that could lead me to him. As a last resort I check the large round trash can that sat next to our office door. There I found little caterpillars box…completely empty. I was devastated. Someone had thrown little caterpillar, my beloved pet, in the trash. A little detective work led me to the culprit….Mr. Ben East. It was such a sad day. Little caterpillar was never found.

I asked everyone to be on the lookout for another caterpillar, and finally to my excitement Nurse Jo found me one! So I would like to introduce you to Abishai.

His name comes from 2 Samuel. I read a passage from the book earlier this week and fell in love with the name. I found out that it means gift of God, which fits perfectly. Only God could create such a beautiful and unique creature. Hopefully we will have the opportunity to witness Abishai’s transformation into a butterfly, signifying the transformation God has done in the lives of His children.


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