The End: Boys and Girls Camp

Boys and Girls Camp at Glorieta ended last weekend. We had three weeks with around 200 different students coming to spend time with us. Playing in the mudpit, floating down the Pecos River, hiking trails through the mountains, and throwing flour filled socks at one another were just a few highlights of camp. Us staffers also had several opportunities to share the Gospel message with our kids.

It was another successful year for Boys and Girls Camps that went by way too quickly. Three weeks is a long long time when you have 75 kids running around, but at the end of the day, it’s not quite long enough. Our director always says that life change happens at camp. Life change did happen this year – specifically for six kids who accepted Christ. But, also for others who were able to learn more about the love of Christ, who were able to build relationships with new friends, who were able to talk to their counselors about their life struggles. Glorieta campers came to camp and left different because of our God and their experiences at camp with Him. That is why we do camp.

Personally, it was another incredible opportunity being able to use my talents to serve others and glorify God. I feel most joyful and most at peace when I am serving in ministry positions such as this. I know this is what I was created to do. I know I have a purpose and I have a mission to complete. I know I want to do something like this for the rest of my life. Yes, it’s difficult and tiring and at times stressful, but it’s worth every minute of it feeling the satisfaction that only comes through serving God.

Thank you for your prayers and support. I couldn’t do it without people like you in my life.


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