The Day We Found the Kitty

During boys and girls camp one afternoon I sat working in my office. Outside a ruckus was stirring and our campers gathered in a group around one of our counselors. I was called outside to see what they had found and to my surprise it was a little kitty cat!

We played with the kitty in our office the entire afternoon. We gave him water and a granola bar to eat. He was such a playful and entertaining fellow craving attention. Because he was a stray cat, we had to keep him contained and away from the campers. We attempted to put him in a box, but he quickly jumped out. Next came the four foot trash can, but the smart guy found a way to jump out of that too. No one believed us, so we captured him in the act on video.

I really wanted to bring him home with me, but we had to give him up to security. We don’t really know what happened to the kitty, but were told he was taken back home.


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