Judson University 3: Crazy College Life

Another thing I miss about college is simply hanging out with others my age and being my silly self.  It wasn’t until college that I was truly able to overcome my fears of others’ opinions and let my true personality shine.  I grew in this even more at Glorieta Camps meeting people like Cooper and Kaitlyn (and Daniel Rogers) who weren’t afraid to be different.  I have met very very few people in life who do not strive to fit in, but strive to be themselves.  That’s exactly how I would describe Coop and Kaitlyn.  And I love them for it, because it challenges me.  So that’s what we did.  We were crazy college kids.

We did the typical studying at a coffee shop and watching movies, but we also had picnics outside, climbed trees on campus (I was in a skirt by the way.  Nothing makes me fee more capable and feminist than climbing trees in skirts).  We attempted flips on gym mats outside, and laid around on the boys dorm rug finding gummy bears.  We also went to band practice with Cooper.  I heard Tecumseh live for the first time.  And Coop even played the bagpipes for us.

When Coop and Kaitlyn were in class, I hung out with Josie.  He took me on a grand tour of the University.  We sat out near the river and watched the stars.  We went to the piano practice rooms and taught one another the songs we know, including Mary Had a Little Lamb, and London Bridge.  Neither of us have much experience on piano.  I am much better on guitar.  I went with Josie to the Upper Room worship service for students.  It was a late night contemporary worship service, again reminding me of Lifestream at Journey.  (I miss Lifestream!!)  Nothing compares to being in a room full of students hands and hearts lifted to the Lord in praise and feeling His presence surround you.  This too I also miss.  On my last day in Chicago, Josie took Coop and me to Walmart, where we bought picnic food and had one last picnic together out on the lawn of Josie’s church.  He goes to the church where James McDonald is the pastor, who I’ve been following on Twitter way before I ever met Josie!

Mr. Josie often refers to himself as the master prankster.  He’s pulled some pretty smooth tricks.  Beginning at camp, we decided to give him a run for his money by destroying the so called ‘indestructible’ Nalgene bottle, which you can read about on this blog.  He has to be put in his place and remember that I’m the girl who assisted in the phone-booking of Tom’s room at OU Traditions with the neighbors back in 2009 (see facebook for pictures), and the destruction of the OSU hoodie Christmas 2008 (again pictures were on facebook) and the Zac Pogue attacks in 2005, which included misplacing a pickup truck, and the more recent butt tattoo facebook hacking scheme pulled on my brother when he got his first real tattoo.  I’ve got a pretty nice record going.

I couldn’t leave Judson without doing something.  Coop and I assured Kaitlyn that pranking was much more important than homework.  We called Josie to make sure he was out of his room – he was in class.  We collected three large trash bags and drove over to the guys dorm.  Sneakily, though it was open dorm, we had no idea when Josie would be back and we couldn’t get caught, we made it to his third floor room with bags stuff in our jackets.  Kaitlyn was the designated videographer.  Once in the room of four cross country runners, we searched every dresser trying to decide, “is this something Josie would wear?”

We made a selection and I began stuffing my bag with shirts and socks.  Cooper found Josie’s bed and removed all the sheets, blankets, and pillows.  Because we had extra time, Coop also filled the third bag with books, paper, and homework, which we assumed belonged to Josie.  During our frantic race against the clock we were halted to a stop when a boy entered the room.  Caught red-handed.  (which ironically was one of the theme’s of Josie’s groups at camp) Luckily, this boy was not Josie.  He lived down the hall.  Once we explained ourselves, he vowed to keep quiet and left.  When our job was finished, all three of us bags in hand, ran down the hall, down the stairs, and out the back door.  Mission completed. 

All night we prided ourselves in our success and kept the secret as Josie spent time with us.  I awaited the next day when he would admit defeat and announce our victory.  Too bad Josie got home too late and had classes too early the next morning.  He never even realized anything was missing.  And when we though we had stolen Josie’s homework, it actually ended up being his roommates.  So it wasn’t as successful as predicted, but I wouldn’t call it a complete failure either.  Maybe just a miscommunication ??  You just expect people to notice they have no blankets or clothes.  But, such is life, next time he’ll get it.  And he’ll know it.


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