Nehemiah Team Friends

I traveled to Mississippi for the wedding of my dear friend Sydney Kirk.  I met Sydney in the Philippines two summers ago when I served as a media missionary for Nehemiah Teams.  Sydney was on an orphanage team along with Hannah and Kyle.  The time we spent together ministering to kids, laughing at one another, and living together will never be forgotten.  Sydney, Hannah, and Kyle reunited last Christmas when Hannah got married.  I was unable to attend because I went to Sri Lanka.  When I found out that Hannah was driving from Oklahoma to Mississippi for Syd’s wedding, I asked to tag along.  Another Nehemiah Team member, Kristin, was also there.  We had such a good time catching up with each other’s lives and encouraging one another to keep serving the Lord.

this was our team in 2009
this is Kyle, me, and Hannah at Sydney’s reception
Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of all four of us together.  Sydney’s photographer, however, did get one!  Hopefully I will get a copy of it and get that posted on here too. 

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