Kathmandu Easter Rally

Thousands of believers walked over fifteen kilometers carrying gospel banners to participate in a city wide Easter Rally on Easter Sunday. Volunteers and police officers throughout the city had to direct traffic as the parade of Christians sang and danced through the streets declaring that our God is alive and Jesus is the only way. Our church, Inspirational Fellowship, began our morning meeting at the church for prayer and songs. Church members brought guitars, drums, tambourines and their beautiful voices to shout throughout the city that Jesus saves.

We started our walk from the church building early in the morning and slowly met up with other groups of believers coming from their own churches from every district throughout the city. Our numbers grew from tens, to hundreds, to thousands. Each church waving their own banners and flags, playing their own instruments, dancing their own dances, raising their hands in the air. Believers who were not leading in songs passed out gospel tracts to people who watched from the street side or out their windows. It was very much like an American parade, but for the sake of sharing the Easter story with those who do not believe. The city march took almost three hours of non-stop walking and at times running to keep up until we reached our destination. We traded turns carrying the banner, waving the country’s flag, playing guitar, and leading chants as we continued on. I think we all had blisters on our feet by the end of the day.

The rally was held on a government owned field in the middle of the city. Christians were allowed to rent out this field for the day long event. Secular business men took this opportunity to sell food and drink to those who had gathered under the hot sun. They were looking to make a financial profit, but they heard from the many speakers at the rally that Jesus Christ is our true treasure. They witnessed believers worshiping the true creator and thanking Him for the sacrifice He made on the cross.

I have never seen such a large gathering of believers lifting their hands in worship. The closest comparison I can remember is a Christian concert my family attended on Forth of July at a ranch in Texas. It was so encouraging for me to see this many coming together to celebrate the Easter holiday, which is not an official holiday in Nepal. Yet because there were so many of us, the entire city shut down for a few hours allowing us to make our way down the streets. All who saw had to know without a doubt that we worship the God of the Bible. The God who died but rose again. The God who saves us from our sins. And our prayer is that this has a lasting impact on their lives just as it has on ours.


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