Hair Cuts

So I attempted to cut the boys hair this past week. I have cut hair before no problem and the boys needed to have their hair cut short for school. I thought surely I could do it, right? At the house we had some electric beard trimmers and a pair of paper scissors. Almost halfway through the first hair cut the beard trimmers quit working. Thus, I resorted to the scissors. Unfortunately, I could not get close enough with the scissors to get their hair as short as it needed to be. Two of the boys put their life in my hands and my best attempt failed. The two boys who got ‘Christine Cuts’ went to visit the barber, along with the remaining boys who also needed trims. Apparently, the barber had about as much luck as I did trying to get this job done because one of our boys came back completely bald! I almost cried, especially when they told me this was not what he wanted. Poor little guy. But, at least now they can go to school without being disciplined for not having proper dress.


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