Meet Rida

Rida is a handsome young man just entering his teenage years, but already has big plans for his future ministry. He has a passion for learning, both at school and at church. One day he hopes to use his education to teach math to children and pastor a church. Rida recently celebrated his birthday on April 22 turning 14 years old. He has lived with Pastor Bishwa and Gopi’s family for four years, since he was 10. This young man was born in an upper Himalayan village making him Nepali-Tibetan. The village named Sankhuwashua is located so deep in the mountains that one can only visit it by plane. When Bishwa took a trip to Sankhuwashua, he met young Rida who was one of many children in his family. Because Rida was born with health problems, he was not treated as an equal to his other siblings. He was receiving no education and no parental support. Bishwa saw such potential in Rida that he flew him back to Kathmandu and gave him a new loving home. Now Rida is at the top of his class, excelling in all subjects, particularly math. As he has grown, God has brought him to perfect health. In his free time Rida works very hard on his homework and studies, but he also enjoys playing football (soccer) and basketball. His favorite football team is Real Madrid and he enjoys watching Christano Ronado play.

“I am the child of Jesus. I love Jesus very much because He loves all the children of the world. I am praying for all of you. Pray for me and my studies.” – Rida


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